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Financial Assistance

Receiving Financial Assistance

We understand that at times you may be unable to pay your hospital bills in full. Renown Health has a Financial Assistance Program (FAP) to provide discounts for patients in need. Financial Assistance Specialists can help you with your healthcare financial responsibilities. You must be a patient at Renown Regional Medical Center or Renown South Meadows Medical Center to use these services.

Patients can request help at any time. You may be eligible for the Financial Assistance Program for up to one year from first statement or 90 days from being sent to a collection agency.

Uninsured patients with no other payment source will be referred to a Financial Assistance Specialist. Based on the financial status at the time of service, the Financial Assistance Specialist will assist with determining eligibility for Government Assistance Programs. If denied for these programs, the Financial Assistance Specialist will assist with eligibility determination for the Financial Assistance Program.


Who Qualifies for the Financial Assistance Program?

The Financial Assistance Program may not be used for cosmetic, bariatric procedures, fertilizations, in addition to package price discounts, same day self-pay discounts, or any other non-medically necessary procedures. All screenings are based on the patient’s financial status at the time of service and/or upon submission of FAP application.

Uninsured Patients

  • Uninsured Patients with Federal Poverty Level less than 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines will be considered for the Financial Assistance Program.

  • Patients with Federal Poverty Level greater than 400 percent of the Poverty Guidelines can be evaluated for a payment plan. 

Insured Patients

  • Insured patients are required to apply for government program assistance if under 138% FPL.
  • A payment, denial (denials due to lack of patient cooperation will not be considered), or benefit summary from primary insurance must be secured prior to consideration of Financial Assistance eligibility.
  • Insured patients up to 100 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines will be considered for the Financial Assistance Program regardless of the account balance.
  • Insured patients 101 percent to 400 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines will be considered for the Financial Assistance Program.


Documents We Need to Help You

  • Proof of application for state or other welfare programs if under 138% FPL
  • Proof of hardship including:
    • Recent month of Pay Stubs and/or other Source of Income (social security, unemployment, child support, alimony, etc.)
    • Last month’s Bank Statements (include linked accounts, all pages)
    • Last month’s/quarter’s statement from any Other Asset Accounts (i.e., insurance policies, investments, life insurance distribution, legal settlement funds, etc.)
    • Prior Year Filed Tax Forms (1040 forms and corresponding schedules)

We will run a credit report to verify all the information provided on the application for the financial assistance program.


Your Financial Contribution

We work hard with every patient to arrange payment for care. However, even if you have a modest income, we expect everyone to contribute something to the cost of his or her care.


  • All patients are required to make a financial contribution towards their bill. Patients are subject to co-pay and/or cost share amount based on their specific Federal Poverty Level and Federal Poverty Guideline matrix.
  • Patient co-pay amounts are to be paid in full when a statement for the amount is received. If approval is granted by Financial Assistance, copayments not paid will follow the normal billing process.

Collections Policy, Account Statements and Contact Attempts

If you do not pay what you owe for your services, you eventually will be turned over to a collection agency but only after several billing notices and attempts to contact you. We are always willing to work with patients who make reasonable efforts to pay for their care.

You will receive a series of written notices for your bills in the following order:

  1. An initial statement with a summary of your charges
  2. Four attempts to contact you

These contacts will occur over a 120-day period from the first attempt to contact you.

You will always have the ability to ask us for an itemized statement or contact a customer service employee about your bill.

If you have not submitted payment or made payment arrangements with us after the four written notices, we will send your account to a collection agency. Additionally, your account will be sent to a collection agency if you indicate at any time that you will not pay your bill or the written notices are returned due to an invalid address.


Hospital-Specific Amounts Generally Billed (AGB)

For each hospital, it is a percentage derived by dividing the sum all claims for medically necessary services provided at such hospital paid during the relevant period by Medicare-fee-for-service and all private insurances as primary payers, together with any associated portions of these claims paid by Medicare beneficiaries or insured individuals in the form of co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles, by usual and customary charges for medically necessary services. (Total reimbursement ÷ Total Charges = Hospital Specific AGB Percentage). For more details, see Treasury Regulation 1-501r5(b)(1)9B.

Eligible FAP individuals may not be charged more than the Amounts Generally Billed (AGB) for emergency or other medically necessary care.

To obtain a physical copy of the policy, please call a Financial Assistance Specialist at 775-982-5747 or 1-855-951-6871. You can also visit a Financial Assistance Specialist at 10315 Professional Circle, Reno, NV 89521.


Charity Care

These lists indicates if the provider is covered or not-covered under the Financial Assistance policy.

If the provider is not covered under the policy, patients should contact the provider’s office to determine if they offer financial assistance, and if so, what the financial assistance policy provides.

These lists were last updated on January 26, 2023.

  • Participating Providers
  • Non-Participating Providers
Absalom, Nicholas M, MD
Acierto, David John Sandoval, DO
Adami, Angela M., LCSW
Adams, Bethany Laurel, DNP
Ai, Julia Ting, MD
Ainsworth, James Curtis, IV APRN
Akbar, Adnan, MD
Akinapelli, Abhilash, MD
Al Danaf, Hasmik Minasyan, MD
Alexander, James M, Jr. MD
Algharbi, Solaiman, MD
Alsop, Christina Marie, DNP
Ambers, Erica Lee, APRN
Anderson, Jocelyn R, PAC
Anderson, Leigh Renee, MD
Andrews, John Douglass, Jr. MD
Apontes Ruiz, Mario Ernesto, MD
Arredondo, Nancy, DNP
Artz, Jonathan E, MD
Ashraf, Hamad Rashid, MD
Ashraf, Omar, MD
Atkinson, Brittany Nichole, APRN
Atwal, Danish, MD
Awad, Munadel Ahmad, MD
Azevedo Lista, Cristine, MD
Baez, Stephen A, MD
Bailey, Christina Lynn, MD
Bain, Martin Andrew, MD
Baker, Timothy Keith, MD
Bannister, Robert Bruce, DO
Barangan, Caroline J, MD
Barnet, Ann Marie, MD
Barrett, James Ernest, PAC
Beck, Samuel, MD
Becka, Chandra Marie, MD
Bertz, Patricia Ann Rinne, MD
Bigler, Joshua Brent, MD
Bigley, George Kim, Jr. MD
Billharz, Peter M, MD
Bird, Brendan Edward, DO
Bjur, Kara Anne, MD
Bleyberg, Michael S, DO
Bloch, Melissa Pulver, MD
Bloch, Michael Jason, MD
Booth, Amy Elizabeth, APRN
Bou Merhi, Gabriel Farid, MD
Bowman, Brynja Green, APRN
Brewer, Brian Edward, MD
Brock, David Whitfield, DO
Bronander, Kirk Alan, MD
Bronson, Lillian Nolan, CNM
Brooke, Valerie Jeanne, MD
Brown, Harmony Lauritzen, APRN
Brown, Joseph V, MD
Browne, Duncan J., MD
Budhecha, Sonia K, MD
Buehler, Brian Thomas, MD
Buehler, Carrie E., MD
Bunuel-Jordana, Leonardo, DO
Burgio, Pamela Ann, APRN
Burian, Danielle Dyan, APRN
Burk, Rebecca Emily, MD
Burns, Kathleen M, APRN
Burton, Catherine Marie, MD
Butrum, Matthew Wayne, MD
Cain, Matthew Audet, MD
Callister, Thomas Brian, MD
Calvo, Lisa Ann, MD
Canaday, Omar Steven, MD
Cannone, Joseph Michael, MD
Cao, Sansan, MD
Carli, Samuel Benjamin, MD
Carlsen, Stephanie Ann, DNP
Carlson, David Lee, MD
Carson, Tamsen Evelyn, PAC
Cartinella, Joshua Louis, MD
Cassinelli, Spenser John, MD
Chaung, Kevin Thant, MD
Chavez, Rebecca, CNM
Chen, Sheree HC, MD
Cheng, Diana Tai-Feng, MD
Cherry, Evan Michael, MD
Childs, Robert Anthony, MD
Christian, Stephanie, PAC
Christopher, Julia Kathleen, DO
Chysna, Kevin R, MD
Cinelli, Scott Michael, DO
Cirac, Nicholas Charles, MD
Clavel, Irwin Oliver Magno, MD
Coger, Kristina Marie, MD
Coggeshall, David R, MD
Cohen, James Robert, MD
Condon, Amy Forsberg, MD
Condron, Steven Lloyd, MD
Coss, Christina Elizabeth, APRN
Crawford, Alyson Beri, MD
Crawford, Jason Pearman, MD
Crawford, Natalie Ludlow, MD
Croxford, Daniel Chad, MD
Cucalon Calderon, Jose Ricardo, MD
Curry, Gordon R., MD
Daugherty, Tami J, MD
Dayan, Erez, MD
De Los Santos, David Patrick, MD
Dee, James Alexander, DO
Deeter, Matthew James, MD
Dennehey, Carolyn Renee, MD
Denney, Bruce William, MD
Devia, Alvaro Hernan, MD
Dewan Khatri, Madhu B, APRN
Diaz Voss Varela, David Antolin, MD
Dieringer, Aaron Jacob, MD
Dingle, Arden Dallas, MD
Doil, Catherine Renee, MD
Dougan, Scott G, MD
Dunbar, Marc Brandon, APRN
Dykins, Laura Teran, APRN
Ebner, Benjamin Thomas, MD
Ebueng, Elizabeth Christie, MD
Eckert, Tammy Louise, APRN
Edwards, John Mason, IV DO
Egan, Ann Marie, APRN
Ellero, Jo Ann Clelia, MD
Elliott, Michael Johnathon, MD
Elliott, Paige Elizabeth, PAC
Ernst, Yizhou Du, DO
Etezadi-Amoli, Neda, MD
Evans, Rebecca Leigh, APRN
Fabara, Sabrina, DO
Falk, Aaron Edward, MD
Falk, Kerac Nelson, MD
Fang, Tom Chi An, MD
Farahani, Homayoun Camran, MD
Feaster, Carrissia Ashfeld Seymone, CNM
Fesharaki, Sayeh, APRN
Fiore, David Christopher, MD
Firzli, Elie S., MD
Fish, Megan E, MD
Fitzgerald, Joshua Brandon, MD
Fletcher, Dirk Gray, MD
Flowers, Stephanie Rae, APRN
Flynn, Darin Mark, MD
Fors, John I., APRN
Fox, Evan W, APRN
Freiheit, Derek Robert, MD
Fuentes, Fernando Jose, MD
Fuentes, Heather L, DO
Fulmer, Brendan R, MD
Galanopoulos, Christos A, MD
Gansert, Tobey Benjamin, MD
Garol, Benjamin David, MD
Gautam, Subani, MD
Gill, Janet Diane, MD
Gladwill, Vadim A, MD
Gomez, Myron James, MD
Gonda, Jeremy Mark, MD
Gonzales, Michael Raymund C., MD
Graham, William Barker, III MD
Graves, Brad Taylor, MD
Green, Garrett Barnard, MD
Greenberg, Leslie Alison, MD
Griffo, Jennifer Leilani, APRN
Grudzinski, Jeffrey Adam, MD
Hagen, Jennifer Margaret, MD
Hall, Wesley Walker, Jr. MD
Hansen, Alison J, APRN
Hansen, Daniel A, MD
Hansen, John Charles, MD
Hanson, Keith D, MD
Hardacre, Michael Chandler, MD
Hassler, Elizabeth M, APRN
He, Jing, MD
Hein, Dianna Louise, APRN
Hein, Min Min, MD
Hendrickson, Margo, MD
Herbert, Tom Michael, MD
Hoffman, Carilyn A, MD
Hsu, Chia-Yang, MD
Hulka, Frieda Marie, MD
Hunt, Nicole Michiko, APRN
Hurd, Amanda Susan, DO
Huynh, Jacqueline Ngoc, MD
Ichino, Jake Hideki, MD
Islam, Raheel, MD
Islas, Arthur A., MD
Jacobs, Scott Evan, MD
Janes, Mark E, MD
Janiga, Timothy Andrew, MD
Jaquish, Benjamin Paul, MD
Jewell, Joshua Farshaud, MD
Johnson, Gary E., MD
Johnson, Mellyn Aileen, APRN
Johnston, James M., MD
Jones, Ashley Elisabeth, MD
Jones, Katerina, APRN
Jones, Katherine, MD
Jones, Stephanie Ann, DO
Josephy, Clayton Peter, MD
Juell, Brian Edgar, MD
Kading, Jack W., APRN
Kahwajian-Mock, Houry Arine, MD
Kang, Elizabeth Yielee, PAC
Kasper, Carissa M, PAC
Kaur, Jaskarin, MD
Ke, Michael Chinwen, MD
Keating, Casey Anthony, MD
Keeperman, Jacob Brian, MD
Kelly, Tammy Rose, MD
Keyvani, Madjid, MD
Khieu, Mike Van, MD
Khine, Htet Wint, MD
Kholmatov, Roostam M, MD, PhD
Kilkenny, Mary Elizabeth, MD
Kim, Robert Kay, MD
King, Richard Devon, MD
Klein, Susan Lynn, DNP
Knackstedt, Kimball S, DO
Kohlenberg, Barbara S., PhD
Krasner, Charles Gordon, MD
Krayk, Elizabeth L, APRN
Kreidel, Kerry Lynne, MD
Kuharevic, Sergey, MD
Kuriakose, Kevin, MD
Kyper, Robert James, MD
Lan, Jie, MD
Landreth, Brian Edward, DO
Langham, Jennifer Ann, APRN
Lantrip, Elaina R, APRN
Lasko, Kevin Fredrick, MD
Latona, Wendy Lynn, APRN
Laus, Arnaldo Flores, MD
Lavi, Mordechai Shlomo, MD
Lee, Susan Carter, DO
Lee, Victor Shuangfu, MD
Lehil, Gunjan S, MD
Leitch, Hannah Marie, MD
Lemons, Brittany A, MD
Lennon, April Jeanne, APRN
Levai, Levente, Jr. MD
Lewman, Natalie Marie, DO
Lim, Sarah S, MD
Lindstedt, Sean Tyler, MD
Liwanag, Erickson Uy, MD
Longero, Mary C, PAC
Lopez, Henderson Valencia, MD
Lore, Steven Clarence, MD
Lundbom, Daniris L, APRN
Lundeen, Gregory A, MD
Lutz, Alison Denice, MD
Luu, Vu H., MD
Machado Fiallo, Enrique Daniel, MD
Madhani-Lovely, Farah Kassamali, MD
Madsen, Christopher Lee, MD
Maier, Richard Moritz, Jr. DO
Major, Mavis B, LCSW
Malek, Richard Allen, MD
Manea, Anamaria M., MD
Manguso, Nicholas Ryan, MD
Markin, Jay Odell, MD
Marlow, Morgan R., DO
Marron, Susan Marie, MD
Marshall, John Jay, MD
Martin, Shannon C., MD
Martinez, Alyssa Anne, CNM
Martinez, Elieth, MD
Matzkanin, Corey A, APRN
Maung, Paul, MD
Mauthe, Sarah Margaret, MD
McCarthy, Catherine, MD
McKenzie, Sarah Margaret, DO
McNerney, Patrick Michael, DO
Medeiros, Michael, MD
Mediwala, Rahul Navin, MD
Melcher, Marc L, MD, PhD
Menon, Harry S, DO
Meyer, Frances Glen, APRN
Miller, Jonathan P, MD
Miller, Michael David, MD
Minor, Jennifer Elizabeth, MD
Mock, Kyle Elliott, MD
Moody, Eric Jackson, MD
Moody, Joshua Dan, DO
Moore, Derrick Allen, MD
Morgan, Jayson Allen, MD
Morrison, Martin J, III MD
Morton, Lillian Marie, APRN
Mosqueda, Cristina, DNP
Mueller, Ashley N, PAC
Murphy, David Seth, PAC
Mutasher, Asem Ali, MD
Na, Caroline Emily, MD
Najjar, Fadi, MD
Nakanishi, Chiaki, MD
Nalumaluhia, Robert Aaron, PAC
Naughton, Ashley Susan Gail, MD
Nelson, Bradley Clark, MD
Nguyen, Colin Hoa, MD
Nguyen, Emily, DO
Nguyen, Matthew Lv, MD
Nielsen, Lorri Lyn, APRN
Nimeri, Rasha Ali Abdelrahman, MD
Nishihira, Alyssa Kiana, PAC
Novak, Vivian Cayabyab, APRN
Nunley, James Christie, MD
Nutter, Melvin L, DO
Nylk, Janina, MD
Obregon, Christine Ann, APRN
Okundaye, Ivie O, MD
Pailing, Megan Anne, APRN
Park, Paul Jin-Young, MD, PhD
Parkhill, Scott G, MD
Passalacqua, Brian R., MD
Patel, Bejal, MD
Patel, Suchit H., MD, PhD
Patrick, Mary Howard, MD
Peddada, Abhinand V, MD
Pence, Benjamin Tim, DO
Perry, Kristyn Akiko, DO
Peters, Robert Reynold, DO
Peterson, Preston Lee, APRN
Pezanoski, Jonathan P, MD
Philippone, Michael Francis, DO
Phu, Philip T., MD
Pitani, Sujatha, MD
Planinic, Petar X, MD
Porter, Holly Fidelis, APRN
Powers, Cindy M, APRN
Pratt, Ann Elizabeth, MD
Prolo, Laura Marie, MD
Pulicken, Mathew, MD
Radulescu, Vlad Andrei, MD
Rahimzadeh, Nariman, MD
Ralleca-Llaguno, Geraldene Monica, DNP
Raman, Suresh, MD
Rao, Seema Laxminarayana, MD
Rashid, Selma, MD
Ray, Sohini, MD
Rebideaux, Joseph Griffin, APRN
Reifsnyder, Jennifer E., MD
Reineck, Scott Eugene, MD
Reynolds, Laura E, CNM
Richardson, Shaina Michelle, MD
Richeson, Robert Burke, III MD
Rife, DeAnn Michelle, APRN
Rivera, Rachelle Nouelle, MD
Robertson, Sara Marie, MD
Roepcke, Fay Lee, MD
Roney, Alicia Marie, APRN
Roumanas, Athan, MD
Rowan, Christopher James, MD
Ruiz, Malina J, APRN
Russell, Pamela Kathleen, MD
Saadi, Ali, MD
Saaremets, Alar, MD
Sabatini, Matthew John, MD
Saenz, Danielle Renee, DO
Safdi, Adam W, MD
Sah, Bijay Kumar, MD
Sandefur, Lauren Lee, MD
Sarabia, Alan Rafael, MD
Sarabia, Heidi P, MD
Scandling, John D, MD
Schmidhuber, Stefan, MD
Schneider, Jocelyn Corinne, APRN
Schwartz, Carolyn Helen, APRN
Schwartzberg, Lee S, MD
Seman, Mitchell Tim, MD
Sheikh, Haris Salman, MD
Shell, Zachary Scott, APRN
Siddiqui, Faisal Mujib, MD
Sidorski, Alexandra Elaine, APRN
Sievert, Kara E, MD
Singh, Harvinder, MD
Singh, Shipra, MD
Sirisinahal, Swetha, DO
Skinner, Ruth M, APRN
Slots, Vanessa Elene, MD
Smith, David Edward, MD
Soran, Patrick David, MD
Sorensen, Daniel L., MD
Spivack, Jonathan W., MD
Spoerke, Nicholas Jon, MD
Spogen, Daniel Raymond, MD
Stahlmann, Charles Gregory, DO
Stites, Ryan D, MD
Stone, Christian Diaz, MD
Storey, Keri, CNM
Stovak, Mark Louis, MD
Strominger, Mitchell B., MD
Su, Moon, MD
Su, Sharlene Sichi Shieh, MD
Sun, Shining, MD
Surapaneni, Nirmala Raja Sneha, MD
Sutton, Jennifer Boyden, MD
Swackhamer, Robert Dickinson, MD
Swanson, Kelsey Laine, APRN
Taggar, Ajay Kumar, MD
Talbott, LaDawn M, MD
Tan, James P., MD
Tay, Jennifer, MD
Tedja, Rudy Martin, DO
Teshome, Redet Shenkoru, APRN
Thao, Choua, MD
Theriot, Jonathan C, DO
Thiele, Karen Ann, MD
Thomas, Julie Ann, PAC
Thomas, Katharine E., MD
Thomsen, Samantha Lynn, APRN
Thon, Natalie Marie, APRN
To, Thomas-Duythuc Ngoc, MD
Turchioe, Brian James, MD
Uccelli, Joseph Robert, MD
Valcheck, William Vincent, MD
VanderClay, Amanda Czigany, MD
Vasendin, Caroline B., MD
Verma, Arushi, MD
Veronese, Wagner Alfio, Jr. MD
Vitorovic, Danilo, MD
Wagner, Karen, APRN
Wallace, Aaron David, MD
Wang, Hua, MD
Wang, Yanning, MD
Watson, John Michael, MD
Way, Christopher Young, DO
Weddle, Rebecca Joanne, MD
Wegener, Linsey Marie, APRN
Welte, William Belsterling, IV MD
West, Kelsey Diane, MD
Westfall, Alison S, MD
White, Ashley Marie, APRN
Whitehorn, Deanna M, APRN
Whitlow, Scott R, MD
Wiedenbeck, Troy Lawrence, MD
Williams, Richard Donivan, MD
Williams, Thornton Gavin, MD
Wilson, Christopher Robert, MD
Wilson, Kristin Leigh, MD
Worchel, Jared Micah, DO
Wright, Carie Ann, APRN
Wright, Stephanie Danielle, MD
Wrye, Scott William, MD
Yatteau, Andrew Thomas, MD
Young, David L, MD
Younus, Muhammad Faraz, MD
Zaw, Aung Kyaw, MD
Zehrung, Danielle Katherine, APRN
Zell, Steven Charles, MD
Zink, Davor Nicolas, PhD
Ziu, Pluen, MD
Ziu, Sonila Y., MD
Zucker, Jacob Porter, MD
Zuckerman, Randall S, MD
Zwyssig, Valerie A., MFT
Abdun-nur, Shane Victor, MD
Adams, Allison Tiffany, PAC
Adams, Crystal L, MD
Adamson, Aaron Urban, DMD
Aiyuk, Martha M, APRN
Alcantara, Rebekah, Dental Assistant
Alford, Jacqueline Ann, DMD
Allen, Hilary Jeanne, MD
Althausen, Peter L, MD
Althoff, Steven M, MD
Ambika, Santhosh G. N., MD
Anderson, Letitia L., MD
Anderson, Ross E, MD
Ania, Rolando, MD
Aramini, Michael B, DPM
Arger, Kosta M, MD
Arista, Jodi M, Dental Assistant
Arraiz, Martin Jose, MD
Ashley Cothern, Holly T, MD
Ayers, Davis Jay Patrick, II PAC
Ayzengart, Alexander L, MD
Babovic, Nikola, MD
Baer, Pamela J, Dental Assistant
Bain, Martin Andrew, MD
Baird, Brittany L, Dental Assistant
Bantum, Brian M., MD
Baugh, Olivia Pauline, MD
Bentjen, Kimberly Christine, DDS
Berkich, Garret J, PAC
Berlekamp-Spatar, Stacy L., DNP
Berman, Steven E, MD
Berry, Robert Gaynor, Jr. MD
Bidart, Chad Mitchelle, MD
Bilach, Steven M, CSA
Birchfield, Theresa Ann, PAC
Birkner, Tracy L, PAC
Bischoff, Katie Ann, APRN
Black, Andrea Renee, APRN
Black, Donald R., MD
Blake, Jacob L., MD
Block, Tennyson L., MD
Bloom, Kristin Anne, Dental Assistant
Bloom, Zoe F., Dental Assistant
Bobst, Derek James, APRN
Bowman, Aaron T, MD
Boyden, Eric M, MD
Boyden, Scott M, MD
Brandt, Jared R, PAC
Braunstein, Bruce I., CCP
Bray, Timothy J, MD
Bridgewater, Lindsay Karlin, DO
Brophy, John D., CSFA
Bryan, Richard H, MD
Bui-Fong, Nicole Y., DDS
Burgess, John F, DPM
Burke, Brian Forrest, MD
Burns, Jonathan D., MD
Byman, Julia E., PAC
Campbell, Gary E, MD
Canner-Peterson, Christine, APRN
Cano, Desiree L, Dental Assistant
Capurro, Corinne Elizabeth, MD
Carlson, Bronwyn D., MD
Carlson, Sungjoon, PAC
Carroll, Heather N., APRN
Cassinelli, Spenser John, MD
Ceccarelli, Megan E., Dental Assistant
Ceremuga, Cassandra A., DO
Chaffin, David B., MD
Challapalli, Ram M, MD
Challapalli, Sridevi, MD
Chan, Joseph Y., DDS
Chang, Steve H., MD
Chattin, Rachel Amanda, APRN
Chenoweth, Star R, PAC
Chevallier, Keely Marie, MD
Chisholm, Sara M, Dental Assistant
Christensen, James L, MD
Christensen, Thomas J, MD
Christian, Amanda Marie, APRN
Chu, Michelle K, MD
Clarkin, Caitlin M, PAC
Coard, Herbert F, III EdD
Cohen, Jeffrey, MD
Cole, Jenny L., APRN
Colletti, Krista L, MD
Congdon, Jennifer A, RNFA
Corado, Jenny K., Perfusion Assistant
Covey, Renee S, PAC
Cox, Amanda T, APRN
Crabtree, Charissa M, Dental Assistant
Crapko, Matthew J, MD
Crawford, Alyson Beri, MD
Crawford, Jason Pearman, MD
Cruz, Lawrence Y, Dental Assistant
Cruz, Summer Elizabeth, APRN
Curtis, Daniel M, MD
Curtis, William J, DMD
Dameron, Layne A, DPM
Dardick, Lawrence R, MD
Dayan, Erez, MD
DeKay, Peter B, MD
Demers, Christopher P, MD
Dennis, Martin Edward, MD
Desai, Devang M, MD
Dhanireddy, Soni Reddy, MD
Dhindsa, Hardeep S, MD
Dickens, Aaron Joseph, MD
Dirig, Nicholas J., DO
Doan, Joseph, MD
Dobbs, Ryan E, MD
Dolan, Christopher Michael, MD
Dooley, Timothy Paul, MD
Dory, Megan Jean, MD
Drummer, Eric Martin, MD
Durant, Kacey Nicole, MD
Dye, Casey Alexis, APRN
Dyer, Jeromy David, PAC
Edsall, Iolanda Elizabeth, MD
Ehmann, Jennifer A., MD
Elitsur-Fitzpatrick, Rotem, MD
Elliott, Terri Lynn, PAC
Engle, Jamison J., MD
Erickson, Curt D., PAC
Evans, Mara G., DNP / CNM
Fahlquist, Jeannie M, APRN
Falke, Ryan Robert, DDS
Fang, Fannie, MD
Fang, Tom Chi An, MD
Farringer, Bruce E, MD
Fearnley, Shana B, PAC
Fernandez, Emily M.G., PAC
Field, Narendra R, APRN
Fitzgerald, Joshua Brandon, MD
Fitzpatrick, Sean M., MD
Flint, Suzanne E, PAC
Foley, Danae Sheree Oar, APRN
Foulk, Russell A, MD
Francis, Perry T, DDS
Franco, Elizabeth, Dental Assistant
Frazee, Lari Lauretta, DO
Freeman, Abigail H, PAC
Freeman, John A, MD
Freeman, Peter David, MD
Friedlander, Steven M, MD
Fyda, Thomas M, MD
Galea, Christopher Joseph, DDS
Galindo, Alvaro, MD
Gallio, Bruce D, PAC
Gamett, Kevin M, MD
Ganser, John Harvey, MD
Garcia, Sandra R., Dental Assistant
Gardner, Amy M, PAC
Garol, Nicholas J, MD
Garol, Whitney E, DMD
Garrett, Courtney West, MD
Geraymovych, Elena, MD
Giacobbe, Lauren Elisabeth, MD
Gilmer, Brian Brandon, MD
Glazier, Derek Jess, PAC
Gomez, Myron James, MD
Gonzales-Luna, Daniel C., MD
Goode, Roland R, MD
Gorski, Laura Ann, DO
Goz, Vadim, MD
Graves, Gregory M., PAC
Gray, Lindsay Lee, APRN
Gruen, Johanna Ebba, PhD
Guerard, Emily Jean, MD
Guerrero, Jassmin Alejandra, Dental Assistant
Hald, David E, MD
Hald, Sherrie A, MD
Halki, John Joseph, II MD
Hall, Christopher T, APRN
Halvorsen, Candace G, RNFA
Hansen, Matthew D., CCP
Hanslick, Jennifer L, MD
Harig, Tracy Kalene, APRN
Harris, James Brooks, MD
Harrison, Rachael M, MD
Harsh, Laura Lee, APRN
Hauser, Leah Jeannine, MD
Hayes, William Richard, MD
Heide, Aaron Carl, MD
Hendrickson, Debra Jo, MD
Hernandez, Rafaela G, MD
Hilario, Julie L, APRN
Hill, Darren Jacob, APRN
Hill, Michael C, MD
Ho, Lester, MD
Hong, Pauline H, MD
Howard, Ashten Lea, PAC
Howard, David Joseph, MD
Hsu, Andrew Chung-Pi, MD
Hsu, Susan, MD
Huang, Wilson H., MD
Hudson, Stacey AF, MD
Hutson, Elizabeth A., MD
Iriye, Brian Keith, MD
Ishibashi, Kimiko L, MD
Jack, Randall E, MD
Jackson, David Neal, MD
Jackson, Renese L, MA
Jacobson, Lexi Sara, PAC
Janas, Alexandra M, APRN
Janiga, Timothy Andrew, MD
Jenson, Ross Marvin, MD
Jett, Kimberly G, CST CSFA
Jewell, Corinna, PAC
Johnson, Charles E, MD
Johnson, Pierce C., MD
Jones, Jackson B, MD
Jones, Tess X., PAC
Joslyn Eastham, Nichole A, MD
Julian, Dana J., APRN
Julian, David Matthew, MD
Kaiser, Kirk Alan, MD
Kalisvaart, Michael M, MD
Kamyar, Manijeh, MD
Kanellos, Angelo W, MD
Karrasch, C Craig, DPM
Katzenmeyer, Jeanette, CSFA
Kaufman, Khloe L, AuD
Kaus, Kaitlin A., PAC
Kazanchyan, Movses, MD
Kedia, Anita, MD
Keefer, Amanda Dorothy, APRN
Keller, Jennifer M., APRN
Kesavulu, Vatsala, MD
Khanani, Arshad M, MD
Kieckbusch, Travis D, MD
Kiener, Joseph L, MD
Killeen, Thomas E, MD
Kip, Phelps C, MD
Knedgen, Joseph F, DPM
Ko, Marcus Juen Yue, MD
Korn, Michelle L, DO
Krakora, George A, MD
Kressler, Michael R, DPM
Kuhadiya, Nitesh Devji, MD
Lam, Garrett Ka Keung, MD
Lamberts, Remy W, MD
Lee, Jee Eun, APRN
Lee, Johanna Rencee, APRN
Levin, Mark M, MD
Li, Xintong, MD
Lilyquist, Michael Bradley, MD
Lim, Peter Christopher, MD
Lirag, Jessica L, APRN
Lirag, Venicio, Jr. RNFA
Locken, Julie A., MD
Loffredo, Vincent Aaron, MD
Loubet, Michelle Jean, PAC
Lough, Jeremy D, MD
Ludwick, Joseph M, MD
Luke, Jessyca L, APRN
Lundeen, Gregory A, MD
Lynch, James J, MD
Mack, Anwar Selassie A, MD
Maclennan, Brooke E., CNM
Madison, Debra J., APRN
Madison, Steven J., RNFA
Madsen, Christopher Lee, MD
Madsen, Erin Miranda, APRN
Malcarney, Hilary L., MD
Manning, Curtis A., MD
Mannos, Kalli Kaliopi, PAC
Martinez-Aguilar, Karen, Dental Assistant
Mathis, David L, MD
Maul, Carla Renee, CCP
McAuliffe, Matthew Brian, MD
McCarthy, Catherine, MD
McCaskill, Terry L., MD
McCool, Melissa A, DDS
McCormack, Matthew C, MD
McDermid, Ashley M., CSFA
McDermott, Hugh T, MD
McDonald, Kathleen L., MD
McDougal, Samantha Audrey, PAC
McGinley, Kellie J., DDS
McGinley, Laurie D., DNP
McWilliams, Alison D, DO
Medina-Guijarro, Karina, Dental Assistant
Meier, Joshua C., MD
Mejia, Elsa J, Dental Assistant
Melendrez, Thomas J, DDS
Mellum, Stacy E, MD
Mendoza, Marco Canlas, MD
Michelson, Shannon R, MD
Mills, Matthew B., MD
Minard, Jennifer M., APRN
Molina, Luz de Lourdes, DMD
Montella, Marc, MD
Mooney, Timothy M, DPM
Moore, Michael Kevin, MD
Moore, Michelle A, RNFA
Morgan, David J, APRN
Morgan, Jay Kevin, MD
Morris, Caleb K, MD
Morrison, Lydia F, PAC
Mortara, Ann C, APRN
Muff, Daniel F., MD
Muir, Jeffery J, MD
Mullins, Richard C, MD
Murphy, Franklin Kevin, MD
Murphy, James E, Jr. MD
Murphy, Megan E, Dental Assistant
Murphy, Ryan D, DDS
Mustacchio, Jaden C, PAC
Nagano, Arlene Meredith, Dental Assistant
Nair, Rueben, MD
Nairizi, Ali, MD
Najima, Leah L, MD
Nath, Audrey R, MD
Nicolet, Nathan L, PAC
Nordmeyer, Yvonne, Dental Assistant
Nutter, Teresa M, Dental Assistant
Nylk, Thomas M, MD
O'Gara, Thomas D, MD
Oja, Jessica M, APRN
Oki, Earle Yoshito, MD
Olander, Margaret E., PAC
Olde, Darin Michael, APRN
Olivarez, Joseph L, PAC
Olson, James H, MD
O'Mara, Timothy J, MD
O'Neill, Brooke A., PAC
Owens, Jessell Marie, MD
Paiva, Rose E, MD
Pappas, James N, MD
Paquette, Kristi R, APRN
Parker, Steven W., MD
Patel, Iryna, MD
Patel, Jusmin Ramesh, MD
Patterson, Denis G, DO
Paul, Drake Adam, MD
Paul, Staci M, MD
Peng, Yen-Yi, MD
Perkins, Samantha Logan, PAC
Perry, Edward C, III MD
Perry, Rebecca E., MD
Perry, Susan D, MD
Petersen, David A, MD
Pezanoski, Jonathan P, MD
Pfeifle, Klinton J, PAC
Pillsbury, Edmund P., III MD
Piper, Andi Ze'ev, PAC
Pitman, Kenneth Wayne, MD
Plecha, Stanley Larry, Jr. MD
Poppen, Kenneth A, DO
Porter, Douglas Ryan, MD
Portillo-Dominguez, Benjamin Antonio, PAC
Powers, Stephen, PAC
Pratt, Ann Elizabeth, MD
Price, Jennifer R, APRN
Price, Richard L, MD
Prokop, Tara Noel, MD
Quaglieri, Francis C, MD
Quigley, Robert F, DO
Quinn, Sarah C., APRN
Rajamand, Sina, DO
Rajapakse, Ridhmi P., MD
Ralstin, Samantha M, DPM
Raman, Christina E, MD
Ramirez, Victoria, Dental Assistant
Ramos, Susan Ruth, MD
Ramsey, Caitlin Elyce, APRN
Rangaswamy, Rajesh, MD
Rappaport, James R, MD
Redlinger, Scott M., DMD
Reichert, Jeremy L., PAC
Rembetski, Thomas E, MD
Reyes, Rosa Maria, Dental Assistant
Reyher, John L, DO
Reynolds, Meredith E, MD
Riar, Anjubal Kaur, MD
Richardson, Roxann J, PAC
Rindler, Rima S., MD
Roberts, Raymond G, DPM
Robertus, Steffanie A, PAC
Rodriguez Gomez, Gerardo David, MD
Rodriguez, Raul, DO
Roesler, Tammy R, MD
Rozak, Michael Robert, MD
Rozanski, Jillian, DDS
Rusche, Jaime T., RNFA
Sachdev, Pratima J., MD
Sacht, Matthew G, PAC
Sanchez, Jenny R., APRN
Sands, Amber R, PAC
Sasse, Kent C, MD
Saulebayeva, Aigerim B, MD
Savant, Troy D, DDS
Schaefer, Kenneth S., PAC
Schafer, Patrick Christopher, MD
Schlieder, Daniel W., DDS
Schreiner, Cynthia Nichole, MD
Schroeder-Swecker, Kerry L, CSFA
Schulze, Samantha Jane, PAC
Scott, Carol L., MD
Seeliger, Traci A, RNFA
Shaheen, Philip Jeffrey, MD
Sharma, Mukesh Kumar, MD
Shaw, Jordan, MD
Sherry, Timothy J, MD
Shields, Troy G, MD
Shirka, Romina, DO
Shonnard, Paul Y, MD
Shukla, Sanjai K, MD
Sieffert, George F., MD
Sievert, Mark Christopher, MD
Simeoni, Julie C., APRN
Skaria, Sunil D., MD
Smith, Curtis J, PAC
Smith, Ronald L, MD
Snell-Killam, Aimee N, DDS
So, Grace Sharon, MD
Sorensen, Susan Elizabeth Chambers, MD
Spitale-Efstratis, Kristina J., APRN
Spogen, Daniel Raymond, MD
St. Pierre, Cynthia Lynn, MD
Stanko, Michael L, MD
Starling, Justin William, PAC
Stetler, Kelsi K, Dental Assistant
Stevenson, Joseph P, DO
Stewart, Charles Eugene, IV MD
Stoker, Nicole M, DDS
Stucki, Kaelyn E, Dental Assistant
Sullivan, James E, III DO
Sullivan, Sara M, PAC
Sun, Peter P., MD
Suttle, Timothy K, MD
Swanson, David Conrad, MD
Swanson, Ryan Alan, PAC
Talbott, LaDawn M, MD
Tam, Christopher A, MD
Tatem, Stewart A, MD
Tatro, Andrea Malchiodi, MD
Tavener, Michelle D., APRN
Tearnan, Blake H, PhD
Teglia, Cintia E, DDS
Teixeira-Smith, Ashlie D, APRN
Tew, Joel, MD
Thomas, Michael Scott, MD
Thompson, Andrea Lee, APRN
Thompson, Laura B, MD
Tippett, Vickie Lee, MD
Tognotti, Ryan Ronald, PAC
Tolbert, Marshall, MD
Tomlinson, Andrew Richard, MD
Torres, Kristy L, SA-C
Torres, Maria Sheila S., MD
Torvinen, Molly M., MD
Treadway, Danielle, APRN
Trujillo, Gilbert A, DDS
Truong, Thomas N., DO
Twedt, Roxanna Marie, MD
Twombly, Christopher D, MD
Unangst, Alicia Marie, DO
Uppal, Renny, MD
Urrutia, Krystal L, SFA
Vacca, Dante F, MD
Veal, Cynthia L., APRN
Veeraswamy, Arathi, MD
Verkuyl, Jennie Annette Marie, PAC
Verma, Suraj P, MD
Vick, Tony G, CAT
Villagracia, Sheery Marie Jabat, APRN
Villalobos, Mariela, Dental Assistant
Vizza, Shanae F, PAC
Vydra, Darrell G, Jr. DO
Wadia, Gurjeet, MD
Walker, Karin E, APRN
Walker, Margo J, PAC
Wallace, Scott Michael, MD
Weaver, Victoria L, Dental Assistant
Webster, Jeffrey D, MD
Weddle, Rebecca Joanne, MD
Welch, James H., MD
West, Bud Allan, MD
Westafer, Michael D, MD
Whipple, Emily Adair, DMD
White, Robin S, MD
Whitlock, Lindsey M, CST CSFA
Whitlow, Scott R, MD
Whitner, Andrew G, Path Assist
Whitten, Scott J, MD
Wilcox, Cory C, PAC
Wilde, Blake K., DDS
Wiley, Denise S, APRN
Williams, Jessica L, MD
Williams, Joseph Leroy, MD
Winder, James Walter, MD
Witmer, Bruce E, MD
Wold, Stephen M., MD
Wolff, Robert S, MD
Woolley, Christopher Alan, II MD
Working, Sara M, MD
Wright, Sharon L, MD
Wrye, Scott William, MD
Yee, Elaine M, MD
Zamboni, Anthony Charles, MD
Zebrack, John E, MD
Zeff, Rasika N, DDS
Zheng, Yi, MD
Ziock-Price, Jennifer Nicole, MD
Zollinger, Jeffrey Scott, DO

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