Renown Transfer and Operations Center



Monitoring the Pulse of Every Patient

The RTOC is a state-of-the-art facility that centralizes Renown doctors, nurses, technicians and national technology partners into one room to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care possible in both rural and urban communities. One of the largest centers of its kind, the 6,000-square-foot facility functions like an air traffic control center by ensuring seamless care for patients and providers in 27 counties across Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California.

We at Renown are proud of our national reputation as an innovator, and through this highly coordinated care logistics system, Renown is now able to customize healthcare for the needs of every patient, delivering the right care at the right time and place across the integrated delivery system.

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Renown Transfer Center’s recorded line is answered 24/7 by RTOC specialists to assist transferring facilities with expedient transfers, whether to the emergency department or as a direct admission to one of the Renown Health acute care hospitals.

24-Hour Recorded Transfer Center Line: 775-982-2210
Transfer Center Fax number: 775-982-4969

Information needed when you call for an acute bed need:
A non-clinician may initiate the request, but RTOC staff may request to speak with a clinician to discuss clinical details.

  • Caller’s name and contact information
  • Requesting facility name and location
  • Requesting provider and contact information
  • Patient demographics (name, date of birth)
  • Diagnosis/working diagnosis
  • Reason for transfer (no bed available, higher level of care, service not available)
  • Anticipated level of care
  • Specialty needs (isolation, bariatric, restraints)
  • Planned mode of transport
  • A physician-to-physician discussion is required before any patient can be accepted
  • A nurse-to-nurse report required prior to patient transfer 

Benefits of the RTOC include:
  • Coordinate all incoming patients transferred from neighboring hospitals
  • Match patients to the appropriate bed based on clinical need
  • Provide in-house hospitality
  • Coordinate video-enabled telehealth monitoring capabilities for Renown’s four intensive care units
  • Monitor remote home systems
  • Emergency and disaster management
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