Meet Haley Longfield: A Renown Radiation Therapist & Barrel Racer

June 20, 2024

Haley Longfield with her two horses

Many Renown Health employees have deep roots in the northern Nevada community and Haley Longfield is one of them. She’s a fifth-generation northern Nevadan currently living in Fernley and commuting to Reno three days a week for her job as a Radiation Therapist for the William N. Pennington Cancer Institute at Renown Health. She’s also a wife, mother of a 1-year-old, and an avid horseback rider who enjoys the western way of life. This year, Haley is excited to compete in the Reno Rodeo for a second time.  

A Life-Long Passion

Haley started riding horses in the fourth grade and quickly fell in love with it. A few years later, she started barrel racing and developed a profound love for the adrenaline-filled sport. “When I turned 18, my dad gave me all of the responsibility of owning a horse,” said Haley. “Ever since then, I’ve been paying for and taking care of my own horses.” As many who know and love horses would likely agree, Haley says they are therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. “Riding horses is a great way for me to use my brain and focus, or think about nothing at all,” said Haley. 

Recently, Haley qualified to compete in this year’s Reno Rodeo in barrel racing with her 7-year-old mare named Hershey. “The first time I competed in the Reno Rodeo was quite a few years ago with my high school rodeo horse, and Hershey is the granddaughter of that horse,” said Haley. “The thing that I’m most excited about in competing at this year’s Reno Rodeo is getting to ride a homegrown horse in my hometown rodeo – she’s gorgeous, easy-going and gives it her all.”   

Renown Radiation Therapist Haley Longfield on her horse Hershey at a barrel race

Above: Haley Longfield on her horse Hershey at a barrel race

Circle of Support 

Haley feels grateful to have the support of her family, friends and team at Renown. “In addition to my family and friends, I have an incredible team at Renown that cheers me on both in my professional and personal endeavors,” said Haley. “I couldn’t do it all without them.” Alongside qualifying for the Reno Rodeo, Haley also recently received her bachelor's degree in applied science with an emphasis in radiation therapy.  Her career development goals consist of moving into leadership within her department. “My leader and team have been nothing but supportive of my goals. Our leader is invested in everyone’s personal development and aspirations, as well as our professional and career development,” said Haley. “I’m excited to one day follow in my leader’s footsteps and help employees in our department reach their own goals. I aspire to become a great leader like she’s been to us.”  

Rooted with Renown

As a long-time northern Nevada resident, Haley has always had a profound love for her state and community and knew she wanted to work at Renown Health where she could help make a genuine difference in the health and wellbeing of others. “I love that Renown has been around for 160 years,” said Haley. “When I was shadowing at Renown for my Radiation Therapy program, I appreciated learning from so many great people.” Haley said her favorite part of working at Renown is the people. “Everyone is wonderful to work with and cares deeply for each other and their patients,” said Haley. “I not only love how complex my job can be, but the connection with patients is incredible. It’s great when we see our patients come back for their follow-up and their cancer is gone.” Haley takes a lot of pride in working for Renown and plans to remain part of the team long-term.  

Work-Life Balance 

For most working individuals, it’s important to create a strong work-life balance. When Haley isn’t at work helping and caring for patients, she’s enjoying time with her family and horses. “I highly encourage everyone to find time to enjoy the things they love outside of work,” said Haley. “It’s amazing to work at an organization like Renown where the value of work-life balance is recognized.” As Haley mentioned, her colleagues and leader have been incredibly supportive of the path she’s taken to reach her goal of competing in this year’s Reno Rodeo barrel races. “I’m at a great place in my life with work, family and barrel racing,” said Haley. “I’m excited for what the future has in store.”  

Renown Health is a proud sponsor of the 2024 Reno Rodeo. Help us cheer on Haley and her horse Hershey at the rodeo on Saturday, June 22!

Photo credit NBHA – Haley with Luna (left) and Hershey (right)

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