The health and safety of our patients, families and staff members is our top priority.

We respect the important role that supporters play in the health, healing, recovery and care training process of every patient. The purpose of a patient supporter is to assist with the specific care needs of the patient, as identified by the patient's care team and help their loved one heal through support, encouragement and communication. As a patient, at time of admission or at the beginning of an emergency room visit you will be asked to identify one healthy adult "patient supporter" to accompany you on your Renown medical visit, surgery, birthing or hospital stay.

You can designate your patient supporter, who may be a relative or friend or anyone you would like to be a partner in your care. If you do not have a designated patient supporter, we would be pleased to have a volunteer to serve in that role, to assist you during your visit or hospital stay.

Thank You for Your Help

To help us safeguard the health and wellness of our patients, care team, and community, we ask the following of our patient supporters:

  • All people entering Renown sites must bring and wear a face mask.
  • Check in through a designated entrance where you will be screened for illness including having your temperature taken via an infrared thermometer that scans your forehead. With clearance, you will be provided a color-coded wristband or an identification badge.
  • Practice six-foot physical distancing at all times. Visual reminders are in place in public reception areas, elevators, shops and cafeterias
  • Before or at the beginning of the visit or hospital stay, discuss with your loved one how much you should be involved in the updates with his/her hospital health care providers. Be sure to cover medication, advocacy, current condition and medical history.
  • Keep a pen and paper handy when you speak to medical professionals. Ask questions and take notes to share with your loved one. Don't hesitate to ask them to re-explain a concept or to write something down. Notes of most patient visits are available through the patient's MyChart online account.
  • If your loved one needs something or feels uncomfortable, please bring it to the attention of the care team.
  • As you and your patient prepare to leave the hospital, please take time to review and understand all instructions.
  • Adhere to all patient confidentiality and medical privacy policies.
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Visiting Hours

If you are the patient Supporter, please visit your patient as they request and between the hours of:

    • Renown Children's Hospital: Open access. (Two parents and/or guardians may be designated as patient supporters, due to current space constraints, we ask that you visit one at a time).
    • Renown Regional Medical Center and South Meadows Medical Center: 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    • Renown Rehabilitation Hospital: See Below.

    As of 11/13/20 and with the increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases in Washoe County, patient visitation at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital is now by phone, video chat and "from the outside in" window visits for families and supporters.

    In person visitation has been suspended at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital except for scheduled family training, which will take place in a designated area. To send a personalized message to a loved one, fill out the information below (be sure to spell names correctly), and it will be hand-delivered to patients staying overnight. Messages are delivered Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays.

    Contact a Patient

    Inpatient Hospital Areas & Alternate Care Site (Patients with COVID-19 or suspected to be positive)

    • COVID-19 Adults: Video visitation only, all hours. Exceptions made for patients at the end of life.
    • COVID-19 Pediatric, Labor & Delivery (Obstetrics): One healthy parent or guardian. All hours.


    Parking at Renown Regional Medical Center

    We are pleased to offer the following parking options at Renown Regional Medical Center for patients and Patient Supporters.

    • Mill St. entrance to Tahoe Ground: Patient Supporters may continue to deliver and pick up their patient from the Mill St. entrance to Tahoe Ground, in yellow on the map.
    • Mill St. Parking Structure/Alternate Care Site:
      Patients and Patient Supporters may now park on Floors 3, 4 & 6. Note, the Alternate Patient Care Site is on Floors G, 1 & 2.
    • 2nd St. Parking Garage:
      Patients and Patient Supporters may park in the 2nd Street Parking Garage and the other areas in blue on the map. Provider parking has been assigned to other areas (see above).
    • 75 Pringle Parking Lot:
      Patient drop-off/pick-up and parking for patients with handicapped/disabled placard only.
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    Our environment is active and unpredictable

    Should total visit volumes exceed a safe capacity or guidelines from national, state authorities or other critical factors change regarding these policies, these guidelines may change. We will provide you with as much advance notice as possible.
    Important Updates