At the Renown Health Institute for Cancer, we embrace a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care and treatment, because when doctors and support staff collaborate, outcomes improve and patients are more satisfied with their care and the overall experience.

Our teams of doctors, nurses, therapists, dietitians, social workers and other support staff make sure you get the best care close to home. Our approach is designed to help you and your loved ones schedule tests and procedures, navigate between doctor visits and understand your cancer and treatment.

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Personalized Care

Medical oncology gives you options for cancer and hematology treatment in one convenient location. Your medical oncology team will help you coordinate the best treatment plan, which may include infusion and chemotherapy, clinical trials, radiation oncology and surgical options. This integrated approach allows for treatment without delays.

Renown cancer specialists give you and your loved ones the opportunity to discuss treatment options for personalized care, and education to help you navigate through the disease and treatment processes.

We serve our communities with a main location in Reno, a satellite office at Carson Valley Medical Center and through Telehealth at Banner Churchill Community Hospital in Fallon, Nevada.

Cancer Specialists


Radiation Oncology Doctors

Michael C. Hardacre, MD
Michael C. Hardacre, MD
Radiation Oncology
Garrett B. Green, MD
Garrett B. Green, MD
Radiation Oncology
Abhinand V. Peddada, MD
Abhinand V. Peddada, MD
Radiation Oncology
Jennifer B Sutton, MD
Jennifer B. Sutton, MD
Radiation Oncology


Nurse Navigators

Cancer Nurse Navigators
Consider Cancer Nurse Navigators personal guides for cancer education and support. They're with the patient every step of the way.

No fee or referral is needed.


Medical Directors and Leaders

Christos A. Galanopoulos, MD, Surgical Oncologist, Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Renown Institute for Cancer

James B. Harris, MD, Surgical Oncologist, Medical Director of Commission on Cancer Accreditation and Quality

Michael Hardacre, MD, Radiation Oncology, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology

James R. Cohen, MD, Medical Oncology, Medical Director of Infusion Services

Craig M. Sande, MD, Gastroenterology, Medical Director for Gastrointestinal Cancer

John H. Ganser, MD, Surgical Oncologist, Medical Director for Thoracic Cancer

Brian E. Juell, MD, Surgical Oncologist, Medical Director for Breast Cancer