The following statements have been provided by actual Renown Health Institute for Cancer patients in their post-visit survey comments.

Cancer Care Team

Cancer Care Team

"Dr. Mocherla and APN Christina Alsop are wonderful. You could not have more terrific medical people at Renown. Thanks."

"Dr. Mocherla is a very good care provider. She is sensitive and concerned about my health. I have a lot of confidence in her abilities."

"Dr. Mocherla is outstanding in her field, have utmost trust in her. Would recommend her to anyone with my problem."

Radiation Therapy
Radiation Therpay

"I can’t say enough good things about the staff or the facility at radiation therapy, outstanding!"

"Dr. Hardacre spent a lot of time explaining cancer in general and my cancer.  He explained the treatment process in great detail so I knew what to expect.  My radiation therapist, Jamie and Afton, has always been so nice to be around and makes the process a little less scary."

"It sucks having to go through this but I’m so glad I chose Renown because everyone I have come into contact there with has been amazing.  It’s a beautiful facility & everyone makes you feel like you’re their #1 priority."

"The staff was amazing.  Very professional, friendly, sympathetic and I have to say funny.  They made this most bearable."

"The staff is wonderful – kind, caring, - making a difficult situation most enjoyable."

"Kim & Greg were so helpful helping me to lay down.  Always courteous upbeat & warm.  I can think of two better people to help me get through it."

"Everything from parking to personal music selection, to waiting area & especially the friendly and cheerful staff has made this ‘bump in the road’ a very pleasant experience.  Couldn’t want a better experience."

"From the first visit I saw so many caring & helpful staff.  I have never had this at any other office. Almost a pleasure to go there as everyone is so cheerful and pleasant.  I thank the STAFF."

"The respect, courtesy, understanding and kindness of staff is amazing during this trying time."

"Love this facility including doctors, nurses, technicians, all staff.  Very impressed."

"Best of the best/Great staff!!!  Example of excellence."

"A wonderful place to be treated with first class staff."

"This is absolutely the best most caring facility I’ve ever been treated at."

Chemotherapy & Infusion Services

Chemotherapy & Infusion Services

“The quality of care at this facility is exceptional. All staff are courteous and caring. Great experience, great people, great education!!”

“People are all so pleasant, it's an appointment I actually look forward to!”

“All the staff are very pleasant and always go the extra mile in making sure I'm well cared for.”

“Everyone I encountered was friendly, kind, and professional. Thank you all.”

“Nurses and medical staff couldn't be better, caring, professional efficient - went out of their way to accommodate.”

“All staff had worked with me were 5 star!”

“Excellent - All staff were very professional and extremely kind. It was a very compassionate facility”

“I cannot get over how compassionate the entire staff in the infusion services were and while being completely professional.”


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Our health and wellness blog, BestMEDICINE, has a lot of useful patient information on screenings that will aide you in early prevention. If you need more help, Renown Health provides preventive care to the community with a variety of low-cost screenings and assessments. These tests will help ensure that you have the tools you need to live a long, healthy life.

PSA Test Saves Patient’s Life

PSA Test Saves Patient’s Life

A visit to his regular doctor began a healthcare journey for Steven Richards that he’s still on today — with optimism.

Steven Richards is living proof that regular testing for prostate cancer saves lives.

A retired poker dealer, Steven lived in both Reno and Las Vegas for the past 20 years before settling two years ago in Cold Springs. About a year ago he went in for a routine checkup, including a simple blood test to measure the concentration of prostate-specific antigens (PSA) in his blood.  The PSA blood test is a strong indicator of risk for prostate cancer.

The test results were not encouraging. Steven’s PSA levels were high — 28. His doctor referred him to a specialist for further testing, and blood samples from his prostate revealed that Steven had stage IIB prostate cancer.

Fortunately the cancer had not yet spread to other parts of his body. Steven’s care team, which included urology experts and employees at the Renown Institute for Cancer, acted quickly. They began with low dose rate brachytherapy, available at Renown Institute for Cancer.

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