We have appreciated the opportunity to care for you at Renown Medical Group during our time of service in Tonopah.

At the request of Northern Nye County Hospital District (NNCHD), Renown Health has agreed to an early termination of their Services Agreement with NNCHD, and our last day of patient care will be February 28, 2020. After March 4, the clinic will transition to the management of Central Nevada Regional Care (CNRC) and will no longer be operated by Renown Health.

If you have an appointment scheduled with our office or require medical care after February 28, you will need to establish care with another Renown Medical Group provider or a new provider. Please remember, you must establish care with your new provider before any referrals or prescription refills can be made.

Renown Health will not automatically provide Central Nevada Regional Care (CNRC) access to your medical records. If you DO want your records made available to CNRC and the providers at this office, please return a completed and signed form by February 28.

Renown Medical Group will continue to meet your medical needs until February 28. During that time we will also approve any necessary medication refills.

If you would like to continue to see a provider at Renown Medical Group, there are a couple options available to you:

  • Continue utilizing Renown Telehealth for specialty care at Mt. Grant General Hospital in Hawthorne.
  • Establish with a provider at another Renown Medical Group in northern Nevada.

Rest assured that we are available to assist with any of your healthcare needs during the transition. It has been our privilege to care for you.

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