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    We follow regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) for all patients, including patients of public interest. HIPAA regulations specify which information may and may not be released without authorization from a patient.

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    Media inquiries require correct spelling of the patient's first and last name.


    Definitions of "Condition" used by Renown Health

    When describing a patient's condition, we can only release the following patient statuses:

    Good - Vital signs such as pulse, temperature and blood pressure are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious, comfortable and there are no complications.

    Fair - Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and alert although may be uncomfortable or in pain and may have minor complications.

    Serious - Vital signs may be unstable or outside normal limits. The patient is acutely ill or injured and may have major complications.

    Critical - Vital signs are unstable or outside normal limits. There are major complications.

    Note: "Stable" is not a condition.

Press Releases

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    • Friday, Feb 17, 2023

    Renown Children's Hospital Announces 2023 Children's Miracle Network Champion Child

    Renown Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) are excited to announce Shaylie Edwards as the 2023 Champion Child. A fighter from a young age, seven-year-old Shaylie has overcome many challenges in her short life. In 2019 when she was three, Shaylie was hit by a car while using a crosswalk with her father. She was admitted to the Wilbur D. May Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Renown Children’s Hospital and stayed there for three months. A video introducing Shaylie and her journey can be found here.  Shaylie’s mom, Erica Edwards reports that as a result of the accident, Shaylie has been treated by Renown Children’s Hospital physicians, nurses and team for a broken neck in two places, a broken jaw in two places, a fractured sacrum, a broken femur and three small brain bleeds. She has been in outpatient therapy for the last three years and continues making strides daily. “Shaylie’s perseverance, dedication and joy inspires all of us at Renown Children’s Hospital,” said Kristina Deeter, MD, MBA, FAAP Physician-in-Chief, Renown Children’s Hospital and Chair of Pediatrics, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine,” (pictured right with Shaylie). “It has been an incredible joy to witness her progress and to care for Shaylie and her family. We are thrilled she has been chosen to share her story with the world.”  The New England Journal of Medicine cites preventable injuries as the number one leading cause of death among children. This includes motor vehicle accidents, firearm injuries, drowning, poisoning, burns and suffocation. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, an average of 155 children under the age of 10 die every year as a result of pedestrian injury, with 64% of those involving motor vehicles. Across the U.S., due to distracted driving, a pedestrian is killed every two hours and injured every seven minutes. Most drivers feel they can safely take their eyes off the road for 0-2 seconds, but a car can travel the length of a football field in 5 seconds at 55 MPH. Shaylie’s family and the team at Renown Children’s Hospital urge drivers to be fully aware and eliminate distractions while driving.  “We were in the Wilbur D. May PICU for three months and the first five days were very iffy. We did not know if she would come out of her coma, but Shaylie is a fighter. The care team at Renown Children’s Hospital made me feel at home and like we were all going through this together,” said Shaylie’s mother, Erica Edwards. “Shaylie’s recovery was a collaboration between doctors, nurses, and our family. Together we were there to support Shaylie, who has proven to us repeatedly that she has a greater purpose in life.” “It was heartwarming to meet Shaylie and her family,” said Dr. Brian Erling, MBA, CEO of Renown Health. “Shaylie is truly a champion! She and her family have faced life's unanticipated events with strength and resilience. Despite the struggles, they have carried on with hope and determination. They find joy in life every day and inspire us all. We have much to learn from their example.” Through Renown Children’s Hospital, Shaylie and 100,000 area children now have access to more than 60 pediatricians, including those specializing in adolescent medicine; anesthesia; cardiology; craniofacial surgery; dentistry; ear, nose and throat conditions; emergency medicine; endocrinology; gastroenterology;  general pediatrics; hospitalist medicine; intensive care; neonatology; neurology; oncology; ophthalmology;  orthopedics; psychiatry; psychology; pulmonology; surgery; urology and other subspecialties previously lacking in the community, as well as a pediatric emergency room, pediatric ICU and contemporary healthcare services at Renown Children’s Hospital. Prior to 2016, about 30% of all pediatric patients had to leave northern Nevada to receive the specialty care they needed. Now, thanks to donor support, Renown estimates that 97% of all pediatric patients and their families can receive both general and specialty pediatric care locally. The next nearest children’s hospital in the state is 7 hours or 438 miles away in Las Vegas. Renown Children’s Hospital is proud to be the only CMNH hospital in northern Nevada, one of only 170 premier children’s hospitals in North America. Shaylie will serve as Renown Children’s Hospital’s CMNH Champion Child for the next year, shining as the face of the hospital in the community and sharing her inspiring story. Renown Health Foundation oversees the local CMNH programs and its fundraising. One hundred percent of all funds raised by CMNH partners stay local to support children and families in our community. Your generous support affords much-needed items to help our littlest patients cope with the potential stressors associated with hospitalization and illness. To donate, visit About Renown Health Renown Health is Nevada’s largest, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and northeast California. With a diverse workforce of more than 7,000 employees, Renown has fostered a longstanding culture of excellence, determination, and innovation. The organization comprises a trauma center, two acute care hospitals, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, a medical group and urgent care network, and the locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. Renown is hiring people like you. Visit us at  About Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® raises funds and awareness for 170 member hospitals that provide 32 million treatments each year to kids across the U.S. and Canada. Donations stay local to fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, and charitable care. Since 1983, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has raised more than $7 billion, most of it $1 at a time through the charity's Miracle Balloon icon. Its various fundraising partners and programs support the nonprofit's mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible. Find out why children's hospitals need community support, and learn about your member hospital, at

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    • Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

    Healing Garden at Renown Expands Over 14,000 Square Feet

    Expansion project celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Fianna’s Healing Garden; led by daughter Rebecca Dickson and brother Harvey Fennell. Renown Health Foundation announced today the re-opening of the newly renovated Fianna’s Healing Garden at Renown Regional Medical Center. Fianna Dickson Combs, a longtime Reno resident, business leader and master gardener, shared Renown’s belief in the healing power of nature. Fianna lost her battle to ovarian cancer in 2008 and her family and friends carried out her wishes after she passed away, opening the original healing garden in 2009 to benefit patients and caregivers. Today, the garden continues to grow – the expansion includes connected walking paths, fountain, benches and seating areas, additional sculptures and a grass area with a covered pavilion.   Fianna’s Healing Garden is open to patients, their supporters and employees. Members of the media are invited to tour the garden on Monday, June 22 from 10 am – noon. Please bring a face mask and be prepared to receive a health screening upon entering. Donors and individuals from Renown Health Foundation will be available for interviews. Please call 775-691-7308 or email to RSVP by June 22 at 9:30 a.m.  “For over a decade, our staff, patients and their loved ones have found peace and solace in spending time in Fianna’s Healing Garden,” said Tony Slonim, MD, D.Ph., president and CEO of Renown Health. “I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all who played a role in the garden’s renovation, and those who bring such beauty to our campus. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience the garden’s healing effects, and with it, the beautiful legacy Fianna and her incredible family, continues today.”  Key Features  The expanded healing garden now spans 28,388 square feet and includes the following new features: More than 2,000 plants and trees Covered pavilion on the east side of the garden offers protection from the elements and can seat up to 75 people. Featured on the back wall of the pavilion is a stunning mural of Mt. Rose. Supported by the E. L. Wiegand Foundation 1,257 square feet of natural grass located in front of the pavilion, allowing garden guests a beautiful, relaxing spot to picnic. Supported by the Reno Aces Traditional rose garden featuring a variety of 20 different award-winning David Austin roses. Supported by the Fennell and Dickson families Weeping cherry tree dedicated to our healthcare heroes for their extraordinary efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and to those in our community who lost their lives. Combs’ legacy is sustained through the work of her family, friends and community members. Fianna’s eldest daughter Rebecca Dickson and her brother, Harvey Fennell, played an important role in the expansion and helped lead the effort to generate over $800,000 in community support. Fianna’s other brother, Thomas M. Fennell, designed the garden’s new pavilion. Greg Walaitis, chief development officer of Renown Health Foundation said, “On behalf of Renown Health Foundation, we would like to thank Becca Dickson, Harvey and Nancy Fennell for all their hard work and leadership on this project. They knew Fianna’s vision and brought together the community support to make it a stunning reality. We thank them for their extraordinary gift of this Garden to help improve the health and wellness of patients, families and caregivers.” “It brings me great joy knowing my mother’s contribution to Renown has already made a difference in the lives of countless individuals in need of comfort and relief,” said Dickson. “The renovated garden has even more places to sit, reflect, walk, picnic, read or talk, all while embracing nature’s beauty. I can think of no better way to honor my mother’s legacy, and I’m incredibly grateful for the support of our friends and family to bring this project to life.” Ways to Support Fianna’s Healing Garden   Make a gift at Call Renown Health Foundation at 775-982-5545 Mail a check to Renown Health Foundation, 1155 Mill St., O2, Reno, NV 89502 Venmo: @RenownFoundation Special Thanks  Renown Health Foundation would like to thank the following organizations and individuals, for the garden expansion would be impossible without their support:   E. L. Wiegand Foundation Reno Aces Harvey and Nancy Fennell  Rebecca Dickson  Thomas M. Fennell, Fennell-Purifoy Architects Estelle J. Kelsey Foundation Monroe/Schuler Foundation Thelma and Thomas Hart Foundation E.L. Cord Foundation Marie Crowley Foundation Jerry and Roxie Enneking Dr. David and Jennifer Smith  David Geddes Victor Bucher Cary Lurie Renown Employees Architect: Dale Cox Architects  Landscaping: Reno Green Landscaping Contractor & Builder: Clark/Sullivan Construction  Sounds of Garden: Sierra Integrated Systems   “My belief is that nature is the most healing element in our environment, it brings us to a more natural and comfortable place within ourselves” - Fianna Dickson Combs   About Renown Health  Renown Health is a locally governed and locally owned, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. Renown is one of the region’s largest private employers with a workforce of more than 7,000. It comprises three acute care hospitals, Renown Children’s Hospital, Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, the area’s most comprehensive medical group and urgent care network, and the region’s largest and only locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. Renown has a long tradition and commitment to continually improve the care and the health of our community. For more information, visit

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    • Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020

    Renown Celebrates Pride Month and LGBTQ+ Communities with Love

    Rainbow lights illuminate Renown’s iconic “LOVE” sculpture, and powerful employee stories shared during Pride Month. Reno, Nev. (June 16, 2020) –In celebration of Pride Month and Reno’s LGBTQ+ communities, Renown’s LOVE sculpture, a one-ton, welded aluminum artwork with letters 10-feet tall and eight-feet wide, will be illuminated by rainbow LED lights throughout the month of June. LOVE is located at Renown Regional Medical Center’s main entrance at 1155 Mill Street in Reno, Nev. and visible to vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the Mill Street and Ryland Street corridors. Dr. Tony Slonim, president and CEO of Renown says, “At Renown, we are proud to support our LGBTQ+ communities. During Pride Month and beyond, we are honored to offer an inclusive, safe environment for our staff and patients—one that celebrates diversity in all its forms. The LOVE sculpture has already brought a bright light into our world, and I look forward to the joy it will bring to everyone who gets to see it in rainbow colors.”    In commemoration of Pride Month, Renown is committed to highlighting some of the LGBTQ+ individuals who make up a portion of its 7,000 employees. Sean Savoy, Renown’s manager of spiritual care, shares how his experiences as a gay man positively affect his career in spiritual healing and the compassion he shows others.     "The foundation of spiritual care is compassion – being with people in need by caring, supporting, and showing empathy, and promoting a sense of well-being,” said Savoy. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community informs that deep sense of compassion and empathy in a very special and unique way.I have found the intersectionality of my gay and spiritual selves has been a blessing in my life."  Created by artist Laura Kimpton and fabricated by Jeff Schomberg, the LOVE sculpture first appeared at Burning Man in 2019. Thanks to a partnership with non-profit Artown, the sculpture debuted at Renown in April of 2020, and since served as a symbol of hope and determination for hospital staff, patients and community members amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Generous donors and the Renown Health Foundation funded the sculpture’s instillation.   ###   About Renown Health  Renown Health is a locally governed and locally owned, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. Renown is one of the region’s largest private employers with a workforce of more than 7,000. It comprises three acute care hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital, the area’s most comprehensive medical group and urgent care network, and the region’s largest and only locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. Renown has a long tradition and commitment to continually improve the care and the health of our community. For more information, visit Media Contact: Public Relations M: 775-691-7308 E:

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