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    Critical - Vital signs are unstable or outside normal limits. There are major complications.

    Note: "Stable" is not a condition.

Press Releases

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    • Monday, Jul 06, 2020

    Reno Orthopedic Clinic and Renown Partner to Enhance Orthopedic Care for Northern Nevada

    Both organizations have a long history of community support, a reputation for exceptionally-trained physician and provider teams, innovative approaches that have improved access and convenience, superior levels of clinical quality and service, and a commitment to making health care more affordable.    “What an important day for orthopedic care in our community! This partnership brings together two organizations that have the vision to elevate care, expertise and innovation in orthopedics and sports medicine,” said Renny Uppal, MD, ROC President and Chairman. ”We are excited to help usher in the next generation of orthopedic care for our community.”    “We have worked closely with the Reno Orthopedic Clinic and its team of caregivers for a long time, and we recognize the excellent quality of care and compassion they provide to their patients,” said Tony Slonim, MD, D.Ph., Renown’s President & CEO. “Given our mutual interests in advancing high-quality and high-value care, this partnership expands capabilities, enhances access and affordability, improves the health of our community and establishes a new premier destination for orthopedics and sports medicine, right here in northern Nevada.”   This partnership for orthopedic health care is the result of the unique collaborative relationship between Renown Health, Reno’s only not-for-profit health care system; and Reno Orthopedic Clinic, an independently-owned and operated, private multi-specialty orthopedic practice. This partnership brings together three key elements to serve the community with enhanced orthopedic care that includes:   A seamless patient journey. With the patient at the center, ROC and Renown will co-design the ideal orthopedic patient care experience, provide consistent clinical care pathways and a seamless experience.   Increased value for the patient. Working collaboratively, ROC and Renown healthcare providers will work on behalf of the patient to deliver orthopedic care. Both organizations are leading the way in providing exceptional care teams to increase value, efficiency, improve outcomes and better manage the total cost of care for patients.  A new level of convenience. Over the next year, ROC or Renown patients will be able to schedule appointments online, view radiology and lab results online, send a message to their provider or view documentation of procedures, surgeries and medications, 24 hours a day on Renown’s Epic MyChart electronic medical record, which is available via smart phone app or computer. This new technology will enhance communication between patients and their medical teams, reduce delays and increase efficiency.  “Both ROC and Renown have a focus on offering well-coordinated, innovative and efficient care, and an improved patient experience. There is great potential to improve quality, accessibility and affordability of orthopedic care for our community. We look forward to improving care together,” said Eric Boyden, MD, a physician with the ROC Center for Joint Replacement.   “Delivering high-quality, cost-effective services in the communities where our patients live is a fundamental part of Renown Health’s strategy. Traditionally, orthopedic surgeries were performed in hospitals, but advancements in technology, anesthesia and pain control now allow physicians to perform certain procedures in an outpatient site, or an ambulatory surgical center which can be a more convenient and cost-effective option, said Erik Olson, CEO of Renown Regional Medical Center. “Our community is growing and we are seeing more complex care needs. Renown is excited to invest and expand the range of outpatient surgical services we have available.”  "Through this partnership, patients from throughout the region will visit us for the most advanced technologies in orthopedic care, and experience the remarkable customer service we provide,” says Lisa Mead, ROC CEO. “We are excited that this partnership will allow our orthopedic surgeons to perform surgeries in a range of settings, and to do what is best for the patient, be that in a hospital or an outpatient site.”   Reno Orthopedic Clinic, in response to the tremendous growth in the region, has been working over the last five years to create the $54 million dollar ROC Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, a new facility being built in downtown Reno. The combined strength of the new partnership will further develop the capabilities for this Institute which features a surgery center, advanced imaging center, clinical offices, physical therapy, a post-operative recovery center and the Chiron Center – a bio skills lab and education center, offering specialized training for future healthcare providers. The facility is on schedule to open at 555 North Arlington Avenue in winter 2020.   A member of the northern Nevada community for over 60 years, providing high-quality orthopedic care across eight offices, Reno Orthopedic Clinic brings to the relationship 31 physicians, 20 advanced practitioners, and 15 physical and occupational therapists specializing in orthopedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine and coverage in nearly every orthopedic subspecialty.   Renown Regional Medical Center is home to one of the nation’s busiest Trauma Centers, accredited by the American College of Surgeons, caring for thousands of people, the vast majority requiring some level of orthopedic care. With more than 150 years of excellence in orthopedics, the Joint Commission has given their Gold Seal of Approval® accreditation to Renown for Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement and Total Shoulder Replacement. US News & World Report ranks Renown South Meadows Medical Center as “High Performing” for Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement.  "With all of the pieces in place – top quality orthopedic specialty providers and one of the busiest trauma programs in the nation – we expect the ROC Institute for Musculoskeletal Health Center for Orthopedic Medicine will be a gift to those who live, work and play here in Nevada," said Ms. Mead.

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