Renown's Commercial Health Plans are focused on keeping you and your family healthy by helping coordinate your care through a team of doctors and healthcare providers who work closely together. This helps ensure that all of your providers have the most up-to-date information about your health and ongoing care.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Commercial ACOs and Medicare ACOs?
All ACOs – Commercial and Medicare – are focused on improving population-based care through increased quality and reduced costs. Medicare ACOs are federally-regulated and -funded public contracts, whereas a Commercial ACO is a voluntary network of hospitals and medical providers with private contracts or self-insured employers. To be eligible to join a Commercial ACO, certain quality and performance measures must be met.
How will an ACO improve my care?
If your medical provider is part of an ACO, they are part of a larger network of healthcare organizations that are focused on providing patients with the best possible care. Your provider has access to proven best practices that improve your quality of care and satisfaction while reducing costs. Additionally, as part of an ACO, your care is coordinated across all of your healthcare providers – from primary care to specialists – to ensure that your providers are working as a team, helping to improve your overall health.
How do I find an ACO provider?
Ask your medical provider if they are part of an ACO. If they’re not, you can view all of the providers that are part of Renown’s ACO, here.