A healthy community requires the contributions of every person and organization who is a part of our vibrant and diverse region. That's why we worked together with our many partners on our new mission, vision and values.

Input from employees, physicians and the community helped shape a promise that reflects more than just our noble ambitions – it reflects the ongoing needs of a thriving community.

The healthcare landscape is changing. If we are to continue to thrive, we must transform our thinking about healthcare – and think more about health. We must develop new, innovative and comprehensive care models with an eye towards improved outcomes.

We are excited and energized by our new vision, mission, values and key initiatives. These new foundations for the future are highlighted in this video above and the photos below:

Our Mission


These important words were carefully selected and lay our foundation for future success:

  • Genuine difference is a phrase from our previous purpose statement and is a bridge from past to present. In addition, it is a tribute to all we have accomplished to date.
  • Health and well-being show that we are about more than just caring for patients when they are ill or injured.
  • People and communities show that we are caring for a broader group of people and not just patients who come to us when they need healthcare.

Our Vision


Our vision captures three important concepts which are highlighted below:

  • Partner recognizes that we cannot do it alone. We will forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones along the way.
  • Inspire recognizes that we will surround people with programs and services to support their health.
  • Better health recognizes that we have a role in improving health for the communities we serve.

Our Values


Our values are the words we live by:

  • We are caring and compassionate.
  • We demonstrate respect and integrity.
  • We collaborate with our patients, families, physicians and communities.
  • We strive for excellence in all we do.