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56 Anesthesiologists Join Renown Health to Provide High Quality Services to Area Patients and Surgeons

May 04, 2022

Renown Regional Medical Center

Innovative anesthesiology practice improves diagnosis, medical management and quality of life for patient.

If you are preparing for a surgical procedure, you have probably given a lot of thought to the education, training and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. But you may not have thought much about the physician anesthesiologist or the importance of his or her medical expertise in your procedure — before, during and after — to keep you safe and comfortable.

"Our leadership team has thought a lot about physician anesthesiologists over the past year,” says Sy Johnson, MBA, President and Chief of Staff for Renown Health. “As the region’s only not-for-profit integrated healthcare network and trauma center, we are trusted and chosen by patients as the top provider of inpatient care, including surgeries, for northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. To serve the needs of hundreds of surgeons and thousands of patients with safe, high quality and effective anesthesia coverage, we now employ fifty-six anesthesiologists through our Department of Surgery and have established Renown Medical Group Anesthesiology, a new local practice for northern Nevada.”

“Renown Medical Group anesthesiologists provide 24 hour surgical and procedural coverage based on clinical skill sets, surgeon preference and patient preference. Patients who choose Renown for their care can feel certain that they are receiving anesthesia care from a physician anesthesiologist who has attained board certification. Renown Health hospitals are pleased to provide patient care exclusively by physician anesthesiologists,” says Thomas Graf, MD, FAAFP, CEO, Chief Clinical & Quality Officer of Renown Health and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.

“We are the doctors trained to administer and manage anesthesia given to a patient during a surgical procedure to ensure anesthesia care is as safe and effective as possible,” says Nariman Rahimzadeh, MD. Dr. Rahimzadeh serves as Medical Director and Chief of Staff for Renown South Meadows Medical Center, is a member of the new group and has practiced in Reno for fifteen years. “We also play a key role in taking care of patients who are having minor surgery or who may not require general anesthesia, such as women in labor who need to be awake and alert but require effective pain management.”

“Our innovative anesthesiology practice is now staffed by fifty-six anesthesiologists. We are serving patients and surgeons at Renown Health hospitals with one fully integrated model of care to improve diagnosis, medical management and quality of life,” says Christos Galanopoulos, MD, MBA, MSc, FACS; Chair, Department of Surgery and Vice President at Renown Health. “We strive to advance anesthesia through clinical excellence, education, innovation and people. Our nationally recognized medical staff and dedicated support team perform the majority of anesthesia procedures in our market, and evaluate, monitor, and supervise patient care before, during, and after surgery to deliver effective anesthesia and ensure optimal patient safety.”

“Physician anesthesiologists have 12 to 14 years of education, including medical school, and 12,000 to 16,000 hours of clinical training,” adds Scott Parkhill, MD, FASA, who serves as a Medical Director and Vice Chief of Staff at Renown Regional Medical Center and is a member of the new group. “Physician anesthesiologists in the United States complete a four-year undergraduate college degree that includes satisfying pre-med requirements. Like other medical doctors, they must follow undergraduate education with four years of medical school. After medical school, a physician specializing in anesthesiology completes a four-year anesthesiology residency program. Following completion of a residency program, residents are eligible to sit for the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) exam. We are pleased that all of our Renown Medical Group anesthesiologists are board certified.”

Adds Kelsey Larsen, MBA, Chief Operating Officer for Renown Medical Group, “We are thrilled to welcome and employ forty-two physician anesthesiologists who started with us on April 1. An additional nine physicians joined last week and five other physicians have requested to start over the summer for a total of 56 anesthesiologists that have joined Renown Health to provide services to patients.”

Patients served include those at Renown Regional Medical Center, the only Level II Trauma Center between Sacramento and Salt Lake City, and named #1 Hospital in the State of Nevada by U.S. News and World Report Best Hospital Rankings for 2021.

Physician anesthesiologists will also provide services to patients at Renown South Meadows Medical Center, named #1 Best Hospital for 2020 by U.S. News & World Report; and to patients at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, northern Nevada’s only Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited hospital, specializing in the treatment of patients with brain injury, spinal cord injury and stroke.

Renown Health is integrated with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Nevada’s first medical school, which serves to enhance the health of the community through increased access to care, innovative health care delivery, expansion of clinical research and training for the next generation of physicians and health care professionals.


  • Samuel Beck, MD
  • Heber Becker, MD 
  • Peter Billharz, MD 
  • Kara Bjur, MD 
  • Brian Brewer, MD
  • Brian Buehler, MD
  • Carrie Buehler, MD
  • Catherine Burton, MD
  • Joshua Cartinella, MD 
  • Nicholas Cirac, MD 
  • Gordon Curry, MD 
  • Scott Dougan, MD 
  • JoAnn Ellero, MD 
  • Daryl Fenio, MD 
  • Dirk Fletcher, MD 
  • Tobey Gansert, MD 
  • Benjamin Garol, MD 
  • Jeffery Grudzinski, MD 
  • Keith Hanson, MD 
  • Min Hein, MD 
  • Mark Janes, MD 
  • Scott Jeannes, MD 
  • Kevin Lasko, MD 
  • Sarah Lim, MD 
  • Jay Markin, MD
  • John Marshall, MD 
  • Eric Moody, MD 
  • John Mortensen, MD 
  • Jobin Nash, MD
  • Mel Nutter, DO     
  • Scott Parkhill, MD  
  • Nariman Rahimzadeh, MD  
  • Suresh Raman, MD  
  • Shaina Richardson, MD  
  • Alan Sarabia, MD  
  • Heidi Sarabia, MD  
  • Mitch Seman, MD  
  • Daniel Sorensen, MD  
  • Ryan Stites, MD  
  • Aaron Wallace, MD  
  • Duncan Browne, MD  
  • Tyler Hartley, MD  
  • Jie Lan, MD 
  • Pamela Russell, MD 
  • Scott Reineck, MD  
  • Brian Landreth, DO     
  • Kara Sievert, MD  
  • Chiaki Nakanishi, MD 
  • Philip Phu, MD 
  • Matthew Sabatini, MD  
  • Robert Kyper, MD 

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