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Renown Health's public relations team supports media partners in finding experts on diverse health care topics. In addition, we provide information and answer all questions regarding Renown. We look forward to working with you.

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    For patient confidentiality purposes, Renown Health policies require media to be escorted by the public relations staff at all times.

    PR staff will gladly make parking arrangements, notify the appropriate hospital staff and help you find your destination.


    Stand Ups/Live Broadcasts

    Media may conduct stand ups and live broadcasts on our campuses. In the interest of patient confidentiality and traffic flow, a staff member will help you find the best location for your story.

    We ask you to respect our obligation to protect our patients' well-being and legal right to privacy.

  • Patient Condition Inquiry

    We follow regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) for all patients, including patients of public interest. HIPAA regulations specify which information may and may not be released without authorization from a patient.

    Patient privacy regulations allow us to only share patient condition information about patients that appear in our directory.

    Media inquiries require correct spelling of the patient's first and last name.


    Definitions of "Condition" used by Renown Health

    When describing a patient's condition, we can only release the following patient statuses:

    Good - Vital signs such as pulse, temperature and blood pressure are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious, comfortable and there are no complications.

    Fair - Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and alert although may be uncomfortable or in pain and may have minor complications.

    Serious - Vital signs may be unstable or outside normal limits. The patient is acutely ill or injured and may have major complications.

    Critical - Vital signs are unstable or outside normal limits. There are major complications.

    Note: "Stable" is not a condition.

Press Releases

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    • Thursday, Mar 10, 2022

    Renown Health Board Announces CEO Transition

    Experienced physician executive Dr. Thomas Graf named interim Today, the Renown Health Board of Trustees, led by Adam Kramer, announced that Dr. Tony Slonim’s tenure has ended as president and CEO of Renown Health. Thomas R. Graf, M.D., FAAFP will now serve as interim Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Graf will assume the title and authority of CEO in addition to his current role as Chief Clinical and Quality Officer at Renown, and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs for University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. Sy Johnson, MBA, Renown’s current Chief Operating Officer has been promoted to interim President and COO. Following the completion of a thorough investigation of concerns raised to the Board of Directors, the Board determined that Renown Health, its patients and staff required new leadership. Accordingly, Dr. Slonim has been terminated with cause as CEO of Renown Health. Mr. Kramer announced the transition today by writing, “a new direction and leadership is needed given the critical work ahead. I have complete faith in Dr. Tom Graf and Sy Johnson, and their senior leadership teams, who already oversee health care system operations, and will help ensure a smooth transition.” Dr. Graf will work in collaboration with Sy Johnson, MBA, interim President and Chief Operations Officer and an experienced team of healthcare executives, to lead Renown to achieve its strategic and operational goals. Kramer added, “For more than 160 years, Renown has provided health care that is affordable, accessible and of the highest quality for our community. This commitment continues as our 7,000 health care heroes continue doing what is most important, and what we do best - caring for our community.” Dr. Graf will continue to fuel Renown’s transformation to a value-based care organization, help advance technologies to enhance the patient experience, and collaborate with providers in Renown Medical Group, acute care hospitals, and through the Western Clinical Alliance clinically integrated network, accountable care organization and affiliation with UNR Med. Graf is a highly accomplished physician executive who has led health care and insurance organizations as well as a national consulting firm. A family medicine physician, researcher and academic, Dr. Graf has focused on driving quality improvement to lower the total cost of care. He has developed and published on care models that have delivered measurably better results for quality, cost, and experience in a variety of venues. He has practiced in an integrated delivery system, with over a decade at Geisinger (PA), as well as clinically integrated networks and accountable care organizations. He also has worked with a number of academic medical centers through his consulting work with The Chartis Group. Dr. Graf adds, “My goal is to produce greater value for the patient by delivering care that is of highest clinical quality. Renown has a national reputation for delivering excellent care using approaches that are creative, innovative and maximize technology, and I look forward to engaging physicians and administrators in an agenda that supports this vision. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the great progress that Renown Health is making in becoming the best place to practice medicine and to receive care. I am excited to join this journey of transformation to value- based care, and to serve patients, clinicians and our community.” Sy Johnson has led Renown Health hospital and network operations for almost seven years, most recently as Chief Of Staff / Chief Operating Officer and formerly as Renown’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Renown, Mr. Johnson served as CEO, Senior Vice President and as Chief Financial Officer for Peace Health in Vancouver, Washington, and in senior management with Arthur Andersen & Co and KPMG. About Renown Health Renown Health is the region’s largest, locally governed, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. With a diverse workforce of more than 7,000 employees, Renown has fostered a longstanding culture of excellence, determination and innovation. The organization comprises a trauma center, two acute care hospitals, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, a medical group and urgent care network, and the region’s largest, locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. Renown is currently enrolling participants in the world’s largest community-based genetic population health study, the Healthy Nevada Project®. For more information, visit

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    • Monday, Mar 29, 2021

    Renown Health Encourages Non-Profits to Apply for Sponsorships

    Renown Health seeks partnerships to help improve the health and well-being of all northern Nevadans. Application process for event funding open now through April 30. Renown Health’s mission is to make a genuine difference in the health and well-being of people and communities. Renown is seeking to partner with other non-profit organizations focused on inspiring better health in Nevada, and to help fund their efforts. “Improving the health and wellness of an entire population of people is not easy. It is a huge task. At Renown, we believe it is a battle worth fighting. We focus on preventing illnesses, and we are working across the state with partners who believe in our mission- to keep people healthy, to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, and to achieve the vision of a healthy Nevada,” says Tony Slonim, MD, DrPH, President and CEO of Renown Health. Nevada continues to rank near the bottom of overall health rankings in the U.S., and suffers from high mortality rates for chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer and chronic respiratory disease. These staggering statistics have solidified Renown’s commitment to advancing equitable clinical care and improving the health and well-being of our community. “Clinical healthcare affects only a small portion of a person’s health status, less than 20%. The larger influence comes from social determinants of health (SDoH), which are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. The specific factors that drive the greatest health improvements are health-related behaviors, socioeconomic factors and environmental factors. Each one of these determinants works independently and interacts with each other to affect your overall health status,” says Dr. Slonim. “It takes collaboration and dedication to make a difference, and we know our community is a healthier place for all, thanks to our partners’ remarkable contributions.” “Through its community development program, Renown strives to make real and positive change for real people in our community,” said Erica Murich, executive director of Truckee Meadows Tomorrow. “Renown's support has allowed us to build and launch the community data portal, our tremendously popular community conversation speaker series, and kick start our much-anticipated community report coming out fall of 2021. Renown's generosity and willingness to build bridges and partnerships has made it possible for Truckee Meadows Tomorrow to not only survive these challenging times, but to thrive and grow.” “Even in the thick of the most trying year for the medical community, Renown never lost its focus on the partnerships it’s worked hard to build on behalf of a healthier, happier community,” said Fayth Ross, executive director of Urban Roots. “We have been working with Renown since 2016, the halfway-point of our eleven years in our community, and they’ve been integral in helping us evolve our offerings: funding the creation of curriculum, helping source materials to build our farm, and the very ground the farm is on presently. Without their ability to see our mission is very clearly aligned with their own, I don’t know that Urban Roots would be in the same position it is today.” “We are so grateful to Renown Health for the community sponsorship,” said Sean Hill, vice president of advancement at Sierra Nevada Journeys. “This program provided us with start-up funding for a community needs assessment, a critical process we are undergoing to increase access to STEM and outdoor experiences for underrepresented kids and families in our community.” New to the funding application this year, all applicants will visit to identify five data indicators that their organizations will use to help measure the impact of their event or program. Using this tool, applicants can access quality of life indicators—such as obesity, alcoholism, homelessness, or depression—and identify trends, challenges and opportunities in our local communities. “Every organization we support through our community events and project sponsorship makes a positive difference in our community,” said Annie Zucker, manager of community impact at Renown. “Now, every applicants is aligned to the same powerful national database to help identify credible national and state sources, down to census track level to drive their health improvement efforts and measure progress. Once their event or program is complete, they’ll be able to reflect back on the data and see the direct impact of their work. We are excited to see how they use their research to guide lasting change for our community.”  Over the years, Renown has supported hundreds of organizations throughout our community as they set out to enhance lives and create a lasting impact in the northern Nevada region. These organizations include Truckee Meadows Tomorrow, Urban Roots, Sierra Nevada Journeys, Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada, Nevada Cancer Coalition, Girls on the Run, Nevada Humane Society and many others. In 2016, Renown began to address the excessive rates of cancer, lung disease and heart disease through the launch of the country's first community-based population health study, called The Healthy Nevada Project®. To assure payment is not a barrier to health improvement, testing is offered at no charge to Nevadans. In 2019, the Healthy Nevada Project expanded to southern Nevada, with a collaboration with University Medical Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. With 60,000 study participants enrolled to date, the Healthy Nevada Project® is the fastest-enrolling genetic study in the country. The Project is also the first of its kind to return clinical results to study volunteers, which means participants can learn their genetic risks tied to heart disease and certain cancers, as well as lifestyle changes that could potentially help reduce their risk and prevent disease. The research study is still open and home genetic testing kits are still available at no charge to Nevadans 18 and older at this web site. As a non-profit organization, Renown reinvests every dollar earned back to the community, in staffing, technology, treatments, training and research to improve health and prevent illness. In FY19, Renown invested almost twice what the average nonprofit hospital invested on community benefit, or almost $158 Million dollars for health education, supporting other non-profit health-related community initiatives and non-reimbursed healthcare services. Over the last five years, Renown has invested more than $8 Million dollars in community grants. Last year alone, Renown allocated $1.5 Million dollars in community grant funding. “Rooted in Nevada, Renown’s long legacy of service started in 1862 as a county hospital, Washoe Medical Center,” says David Hansen, CEO for Hometown Health. “Now, Renown Health, northern Nevada’s largest locally - governed, not-for-profit, integrated healthcare network serves the community by providing care through hospitals, medical offices, and our not- for-profit insurance plan, Hometown Health.” Funds are limited, and the organization is unable to approve every request. A request for sponsorship or funding must benefit the geographic area served by Renown Health or Hometown Health, relate to identified community health priorities and align with Renown’s mission, vision and values. A complete list of sponsorship criteria is found here. Any organization receiving previous funding needs to apply online each year for any new requests. All requests are made online between March 1 to April 30, 2021.

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