3 Ways to Switch to a Medicaid Plan Accepted at Renown

By: Renown Wellness Team

December 30, 2021

Renown provider speaking with patient

Medicaid plays a significant role in our health care system and is the nation’s public health insurance program. In addition, this program is the predominant source of long-term care coverage for Americans.

Renown Health is contracted with two Medicaid plans: Molina and Anthem. If you currently have a different plan but want to change to one that Renown accepts, you can request to change plans during the open enrollment period from January 1 to March 31.

Request to change your Medicaid plan in one of three ways:

  1. Request a change to your plan, or managed care organization (MCO), by reviewing the available MCO plans online at bit.ly/MCOPlansNV and filling out the form on the webpage.
  2. Email Nevada Medicaid to ask for a plan change and include your name, Medicaid ID and the names and Medicaid IDs of any dependents in your home: MCORedistribution@dhcfp.nv.gov.
  3. Call your local Medicaid district office at 775-687-1900 (northern Nevada) or 702-668-4200 (southern Nevada) to ask about changing your plan.
 For more information about the Medicaid plans accepted at Renown Health, please visit:  

Renown Health accepts most insurances, but please visit the link below for the full list.

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