Most Common Reasons Women Visit the ER

By: Dr. Aiden Gould

February 22, 2024

A female physician cares for a woman ER patient

If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency, it's essential to seek immediate attention by calling 9-1-1 or visiting the ER for a thorough evaluation by a trained medical professional and timely intervention.

Access to a convenient and trusted emergency room (ER) is critical to any person’s healthcare needs, including medical emergencies related to women’s health. We explored some common scenarios and warning signs prompting women to seek immediate medical attention with Aiden Gould, Board-Certified Emergency Physician at Renown Health.

When your medical emergency can’t wait, Renown ER is here to provide you with the region’s leading emergency care to diagnose and treat your condition or illness. 

Understanding Common Reasons Women Visit the Emergency Room

Gynecological Emergencies:

One of the most common reasons women may seek emergency care is due to gynecological emergencies such as severe pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding or complications related to pregnancy. These issues can be alarming and warrant immediate medical attention if the issue persists or is out of the ordinary for you. 

Emotional and Physical Well-Being:

For those facing diverse medical or mental health emergencies, seeking prompt assistance is crucial for a thorough assessment and safe, timely intervention. Renown ER teams are equipped with trained professionals who provide compassionate care for individuals seeking help in the following situations:

  • Suicide risk assessment and intervention
  • Substance abuse assessment
  • Assault and trauma care
  • Crisis support and intervention
  • Resources for ongoing care and well-being support

Severe Abdominal Pain:

Unexplained and severe abdominal pain that is substantially different than what is normal for you is a symptom you should never ignore as it can indicate underlying issues. Warning signs of an acute medical situation include fever, vomiting or a rapid change in motor function and inability to move due to pain.

Respiratory Distress:

Difficulty breathing, persistent coughing and other respiratory issues can be especially concerning. Women with pre-existing respiratory conditions like asthma or those experiencing sudden respiratory distress should seek immediate care from a medical professional. Warning signs of respiratory distress may include a significant change in one’s breathing rate, changing of the skin color to blue, gray or paleness due to lack of oxygen, nose flaring and chest retractions.

Cardiovascular Emergencies:

Heart-related issues are not exclusive to men. Women can also experience cardiovascular emergencies that often go undiagnosed because symptoms differ from men. Symptoms like chest pain, extreme fatigue, vomiting or pain in the abdomen, shortness of breath or palpitations should be evaluated by an emergency medical professional as timely intervention is critical in such cases.

Renown leads the region in cardiology care with our technological expertise and patient-centered approach. Our comprehensive team diagnoses heart disease and other cardiac conditions, offering personalized treatment plans. 

Neurological Symptoms:

Sudden and severe headaches, seizures or other neurological symptoms may prompt women to visit the ER if symptoms are extremely disorientating or debilitating. These symptoms could be indicative of various conditions from mild to severe, including strokes or neurological disorders that require prompt evaluation. 

Renown Regional Medical Center is a Comprehensive Stroke Center, providing primary stroke care including evaluation, treatment and education to patients who arrive at a Renown facility with the signs and symptoms of a stroke.

Compassionate Care in Times of Need

At Renown Health, we understand that your time is valuable, especially in emergency situations. That's why we strive to provide patients with exceptional care, compassion and respect. Plan ahead and make informed decisions about seeking medical care by viewing your estimated triage wait time at a Renown ER.


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