Five Reasons to Switch to Renown’s Modern-Day Pharmacy

By: Renown Wellness Team

April 19, 2022

Renown Health Pharmacy

Renown Health has two retail pharmacy locations – one at Renown Regional on Pringle Way and another on Locust Street. And while many people think of a pharmacy as where we get prescriptions and pick up refills, it’s so much more. Adam Porath, vice president of pharmacy services at Renown, discusses five benefits of switching to a Renown Pharmacy

1. Hospital Integration

With the Meds-to-Beds Program, the Renown Health Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to patients on the floor when they leave the hospital. Another thing that is interesting about the pharmacy is its integration with providers. So, if there is a problem with your prescription, the Renown Pharmacy can get hold of your provider right away. We also can see your lab results and make sure that the dose you are prescribed is the right one.

2. On-Site Vaccinations

The Renown Health Pharmacy has a private consultation area to administer vaccines on-site. Their team routinely stocks more than a dozen vaccines, and you can call either location (Regional: 775-982-7737 and Locust Street: 775-982-5280) to see if what you're looking for is in stock. Appointments are available in MyChart.

3. Compounding Services

Only a fraction of pharmacies in the United States provides compounding services. In the Reno/Sparks area, there are just a few and Renown Pharmacy is one of them. Traditional retail pharmacies take drugs received from a drug manufacturer and put them into a smaller container in the individual amount that the doctor prescribed for a patient. A compounding pharmacy provides medications that are not available commercially.

For example, a doctor has prescribed a dose that is smaller than what is commercially available. Compounding the medication will provide the dosage as prescribed. Another example could be a child who can’t take a tablet. The pharmacy may be able to use compounding to convert medications into something that is the child can take.

4. It's Easy to Switch

The easiest way to switch is to call the Renown Pharmacy (Regional: 775-982-7737 and Locust Street: 775-982-5280). Our teams can find out where you’re getting your current prescription filled and have it transferred over from your existing pharmacy.

5. Don't Worry, There's Dedicated Parking 

There is designated pharmacy parking on the first floor of the 2nd Street Parking Garage at Renown Regional.

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