Telecardiology offers heart patients an alternative to in-office visits by using a secure, video-enabled device to connect to a Renown heart doctor for specialty care.

Patients are seen from their local rural community clinic, close to work, home and family, minimizing the cost and time of long distance travel for heart care.

Telecardiology can be used for consultations, examinations and follow-up appointments with Renown heart doctors.

The telecardiology locations in our rural communities continue to grow.

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How it Works

Before Your Visit
You may need to have a heart test or blood draw prior to your visit. Your heart care team will decide which test is right for you. In most cases, you can have the test done in your local community and our heart doctor will have the results of all tests when they meet with you via telecardiology. If this is your initial visit, your doctor will determine if you will need any tests during the session.

During Your Visit
When you arrive and check-in, a medical assistant will escort you to the telecardiology room and check your vital signs.

The videoconferencing equipment will connect you to your heart doctor’s medical assistant on the monitor. That medical assistant will ask you questions about your health concerns, review your medications, allergies and other necessary information.

Your heart doctor will appear on the screen and talk with you, just as they would if you were in the same room. When it is time for a physical examination, the medical assistant in the room with you, will follow the heart doctor’s instructions and facilitate the examination while your heart doctor observes. A digital stethoscope will then be connected and your doctor will be able to hear your heart and lung sounds just as they would if you were in the room with them.

Your heart doctor will then review their findings and you will be able to ask questions. The doctor has access to all of your medical records, lab results, radiology and medical history.

Your heart doctor may recommend further testing, medication changes and/or a follow-up visit. In some cases, you may have the testing locally, but you may have to travel to Reno if the test is not offered in your community. Medication prescriptions can be sent directly to your pharmacy of choice, or the prescription can be faxed to your local clinic or mailed to you.

The medical assistant with you in the office will make sure you understand your care plan before you leave your appointment.

A telehealth team member will call you to schedule any follow-up appointments that may be recommended by the heart doctor.

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