Renown will carefully guide you through the transition from post-hospital care through your rehabilitation, recovery and beyond. We provide one-on-one therapy with licensed therapists trained in a broad range of specialties, utilizing some of the most advanced technologies in physical therapy and more.

Cognitive Therapy

Renown Health Cognitive Therapy
We help restore brain-injured or impaired individuals achieve the most independent level of functioning possible through hands-on and computer-assisted activities to increase alertness and focus.


Recreational Therapy

We help restore motor, social and cognitive functioning; build confidence; and develop coping skills through various pursuits including creative activities, sports and education.


Rehabilitative Nursing

Renown Health Rehabilitation & Post Care Hospital
We provide care for patients who have been incapacitated by injury or illness with the goal for the patient to regain as much normal function as possible.


Respiratory Therapists

We administer therapeutic treatments — including medications, oxygen and ventilators — to improve patients' ability to breathe and quality of breathing.


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Live Healthy-Diet-Organic Food
We treat certain medical conditions with dietitian-supervised meal plans with a goal to reduce complications in pre-existing conditions and alleviate the effects of any existing condition.